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What is a Branded Podcast?
A podcast that is produced and sponsored by a company or organization as a part of their marketing mix.  The goal of a branded podcast is to build a relationship with potential customers in an engaging and informative way.  Podcasts also build loyalty, awareness, and credibility for your brand.

Why do I Need a Branded Podcast?
A professional, well-executed podcast is like social media on steroids!  According to Libsyn, "2022 was a breakout year in podcasting.  Podcasts have become mainstream with explosive growth among younger and more diverse audiences who are embracing niche genres and new ways of listening."  
Podcasts have been proven to: 

Increase Awareness by 89%
Increase Brand Favorability by 24%
Increase Brand Consideration by 57%
Increase Purchase Intent by 14%

104 Million More Reasons:
177 Million - U.S. Listeners
104 Million - Regular Listeners
 (at least weekly)
160 Million - Regular Listeners by end of 2023
65% - Listen on Mobile Device
60% - of Listeners have Bought Something from a Podcast
71% - Brand Recall Rate of Host-Read Ad Messages
81% - Listeners who say they Trust Host Recommendations

Listen to Some EXAMPLES:
Gatorade - "The Secret to Victory"
Ford - "Bring Back Bronco: The Untold Story"

Desert Book - "All In" and "Joseph"
Nike - "Trained" and "The Fenom Effect"
Paramount Network
- "The Official Yellowstone Podcast"
Basecamp - "Basecamp Live"

Shopify - "Masters, The Shopify Podcast"
Bank of America - "That Made All the Difference" and "Mid Market Moments"

Trader Joe's - "Inside Trader Joe's"
doTERRA - "Essential Oil Solutions"

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